Grupo Movilizar

Grupo Movilizar

We know how to transport your cargo with Security and Timelines.

Grupo Movilizar

We dedicate ourselves to international transport of Cargo under the Land, Sea and Air modalities, thus providing a comprehensive logistics service, we entered the international cargo sector with innovation, dependability and responsibility, our main objective our commitment with the development and the wellbeing of our clients providing an excellent service.

Mission: Grupo Movilizar manages logistics processes with responsibility and security employing knowledge, innovation and technology; always fulfilling the standards of security, guarantee and delivery deadlines agreed with our clients.

Vission: Placing Grupo Movilizar as one of the leading organizations in comprehensive logistics processes in Colombia by year 2020; this due to the support and reliability placed on us by our clients.

Youth and experience

We combine youth and experience in our goals, proving efficiency in the services offered for each and every one of the shipments entrusted in us.

Safe and fast routs

We endeavor to always perform your shipment through the safest and fastest route, and for the same to be delivered in the shortest period of time possible, applying the most competitive rates.

mundo transporte de carga
National and international

We know that the work involved in every delivery, whether national or international, can be difficult and expensive in terms of time. We employ the most reliable information systems, taking care of all the documentation involved in shipments.

Specialists in transport

We work with hundreds of forwarding agents around the world, with most air and shipping companies, and with land forwarding and transport companies.

Our list of services does not end here. We’ll adapt to your particular needs.


Reliable services and responsible and innovative solutions

Any type cargo, all forms of transport, any place.
transporte de carga marítimo
  • We minimize your exposure to risks by handling the ¨Door/Door¨ at a national and international level on a timely fashion.
  • We count with a team that is dedicated, proactive and adaptable to the complexities of your shipments.
  • We have the courage required to change our path whenever necessary.
  • We provide reliable services and responsible and innovative solutions.
  • We provide custom made logistics solutions
  • We care about each shipment
  • We deliver on our promises
  • We act with urgency
  • We are open to change
  • We always endeavor to improve
  • We work efficiently